Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Weekend-New Items

Hi Ladies! I'm hoping to get get new stuff up this weekend in the shop. I have a lot of things sitting on the shelf that I haven't yet had time to photograph and inventory, etc. But what should be expected in the coming days? I'm making a little list below, sort of a way to keep myself accountable ! :-)

-Neon Purple glitter
-A few small metallic glitters
-velvet nail powder in several different colors
-tiny little beads to do caviar manicures
-an accessories kit for mixing your polishes, it will include a palette for swatches yay!
-more glitter mixes
-squeeze bottles

suspension base! Yay! But sadly this will only be available for the 48 continental states, I know it's a bummer.

well I'm going to do my best to make sure it all goes up this February weekend.


  1. oooh! will there be any new star glitters? Can't wait to buy 'em all! :)

  2. i'm crying about the stars :_(, they're still not in. I should write a post updating everyone.