Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Items- Many Holo Glitters

I know I've been telling some of you for more than a week now that there would be new stuff in the shop. After many attempts to edit pics I finally got it done! There are several new items, including holographic stars in a few colors and some holo black hearts. The hearts are seriously adorable!

Many matte glitters that were out of stock for a long time are finally back in including the extra large pink and blue squares.

I still have quite a few more items to photo, edit and list. I'll be doing it slowly whenever possible during the week and next weekend.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lots of New Glitters and Some Old Ones Back

I have a bunch of new things that came in over the weekend including some more neons and dots!

Also, the white squares 0.062 and the holo blue hexes 0.094 are back again!

I'll try to wirte a more thorough post at the end of the week about other things that will be happening in the shop :-).

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


So at the moment I carry one style of glass bottles-they're rectangular and have brushes for nail art. I'm going to expand the types of bottles I have and am hoping on adding these three styles in the coming weeks:

They're going to come with nice wide brushes for larger coverage in one swipe. The caps that will come with these are going to be black. I'll also sell some of the brushes seperately for anyone who would like a wider brush for their bottles. I suggest when I begin to offer them that you request a sample brush first to make sure they fit your cap as diffeent caps have different interior threading. You'll only have to cover the shipping costs.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Neons

I finally got the new neons up! They include the following:

-green hex 0.094"
-blue hex 0.062"
-pink hex 0.040"
-pink hex 0.094"

The pink 0.040" is the same shade as the neon hearts that I currently have. The new large neon pink though is so fabulous! I haven't noticed any bleeding in it and so am planning on getting a variety of shapes and sizes in that tone!

This is the pretty, pretty neon blue.
Oh and the stars are coming in tomorrow! Yay!

And neon purple-I'm currently out of it, but am working on a list to reorder. It's a nice color and I'm hoping to order it in many different shapes and sizes. Hopefully you'll see all of the neon purples in early march-I'll keep you all posted :-).

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fairytale and other mixes

I put up a few new mixes...6 if memory serves me correctly. A couple have neons, and my favorite of all of them is a pretty one called fairytale. It's so cute and delicate, filled with sparkling iridescent glitters and beautiful pink hexes. I almost didn't put it in the shop because I love it so much and wanted to make a polish (maybe white?) but I figured hey I'll just do both.
Another one is called Prom Queen and it has some beautiful neons. This particular mix will bleed though (the purple hexes and neon pink hearts to be exact) so I would suggest using it in a polish that wouldn't suffer from a tint, like possibly a purple or blue.
 Prom Queen
The other new mixes can be found in the glitter mix section of the shop:

Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Weekend-New Items

Hi Ladies! I'm hoping to get get new stuff up this weekend in the shop. I have a lot of things sitting on the shelf that I haven't yet had time to photograph and inventory, etc. But what should be expected in the coming days? I'm making a little list below, sort of a way to keep myself accountable ! :-)

-Neon Purple glitter
-A few small metallic glitters
-velvet nail powder in several different colors
-tiny little beads to do caviar manicures
-an accessories kit for mixing your polishes, it will include a palette for swatches yay!
-more glitter mixes
-squeeze bottles

suspension base! Yay! But sadly this will only be available for the 48 continental states, I know it's a bummer.

well I'm going to do my best to make sure it all goes up this February weekend.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pinterest Board

Whenever I get the chance to get on Pinterest I love to pin on my nail art board. You guys can check it out here for fabulous manicures, nail art and polishes: