Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fairytale and other mixes

I put up a few new mixes...6 if memory serves me correctly. A couple have neons, and my favorite of all of them is a pretty one called fairytale. It's so cute and delicate, filled with sparkling iridescent glitters and beautiful pink hexes. I almost didn't put it in the shop because I love it so much and wanted to make a polish (maybe white?) but I figured hey I'll just do both.
Another one is called Prom Queen and it has some beautiful neons. This particular mix will bleed though (the purple hexes and neon pink hearts to be exact) so I would suggest using it in a polish that wouldn't suffer from a tint, like possibly a purple or blue.
 Prom Queen
The other new mixes can be found in the glitter mix section of the shop:

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