Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Neons

I finally got the new neons up! They include the following:

-green hex 0.094"
-blue hex 0.062"
-pink hex 0.040"
-pink hex 0.094"

The pink 0.040" is the same shade as the neon hearts that I currently have. The new large neon pink though is so fabulous! I haven't noticed any bleeding in it and so am planning on getting a variety of shapes and sizes in that tone!

This is the pretty, pretty neon blue.
Oh and the stars are coming in tomorrow! Yay!

And neon purple-I'm currently out of it, but am working on a list to reorder. It's a nice color and I'm hoping to order it in many different shapes and sizes. Hopefully you'll see all of the neon purples in early march-I'll keep you all posted :-).

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